Sunshower Photography
Sunshower Photography

Why I fell in love with Alexander Homestead

I’ll never forget the moment I pulled up to the Alexander Homestead. I came straight from Charlotte Douglas airport, full of nerves and anticipation, and all the other “feels” associated with a potential job opportunity and new city. I had an idea of what Alexander Homestead looked like from the website and was excited to see it in person. But when my Lyft pulled up to the property, passed through the gate and onto the drive, the sight of the house literally took my breath away. Immediately, I forgot the city and traffic I had just ridden through, and felt transported to a different time and place.

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Since I was a little girl, I always imagined what it would be like to live in a house like this. I know these daydreams came from my Father who has himself dreamed of buying and restoring an old Victorian. My childhood family trips often included tours of historic homes and marveling at the architecture of that time. I’d enter those Victorians as a kid and imagine what life would be like wearing the fashions of the day. I’d sneak away to the window seat of the tower (my bedroom, of course!) to read novels and write books. Could I soon be on the other side of those windows on a daily basis?
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Loring Magnolia Photography
I was in for an even greater surprise when I made my way up the front porch and around the house to discover the most beautiful landscaping and gazebo, a peaceful garden with a bridge over pond and twinkling lights overhead. I arrived before a wedding was to begin. Guests were dressed finely and congregated here and there around the property minutes away from celebration on a late summer’s evening. I witnessed an excited couple emotionally exchange vows and watched as guests shifted to another part of the garden afterwards to enjoy their spritzer and hors d’oeuvres. I loved how special each transition of the evening was among different pockets of the property, and the excitement continued as it was time to head into the barn.
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AH’s dairy barn was beautifully adorned inside with string lights, candles, and centerpieces that complimented the space. It was right after entering that my vantage point switched from marveling “guest” to a behind the scenes look at what it takes to run such a beautiful event. I watched Tirzah, AH owner and evening’s coordinator in action. I was awed by the way she interacted with guests and closely served the couple all night, a true Rockstar at leading, and an undeniable magnetism and heart that radiated from her in every move.
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I also spent time with the banquet staff. I found a team of people who carried positive attitudes, and worked hard to go above and beyond. They each carried a sense of pride for the place they worked and the roles they played, and also had a lot of fun too. Even fast forward to now, as each wedding weekend comes to an end, I am so I’m thankful for them and impressed at everything they do to carry out these events masterfully.
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At the end of the night, all the guests left on a joyful high and I left the venue blown away by everything I’d seen. I was honestly overwhelmed by the significance of the role I was being interviewed to fill. But no matter how intimidated or big that felt, I knew 100% that I wanted to be a part of the AH team and the vision of this place.
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I could talk to you all day about how beautiful Alexander Homestead is as a magical ceremony space and reception venue, but why I really fell in love with AH that weekend, and why my love deepens over time is the hearts behind every single person it takes to run the show. From owners and full time staff, to banquet servers and even our amazing vendors, you’ll find genuine people who love what they do and see their roles as more than just a job. Alexander Homestead is made up of people who want to connect with you, serve and support you, and make this really significant day in your life as stress free and fun as possible.
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