Purchasing event insurance is a requirement for all weddings and events at Alexander Homestead.

The process is SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE and only takes about 5-10 minutes!

Simply click on the link below and Event Helper will walk you step by step through the process.

Be SURE and choose TWO dates for coverage: Your Rehearsal Date (listed in your contract) and your Wedding date.

Wedding Insurance
Event insurance is a critical way to protect you in case the unspeakable may happen at your event. Since you are the host of this celebration, you want to protect yourself and your guests in case of bodily injury. Event insurance is also a way to help cover costs if one of your guests inflicts property damage at Alexander Homestead.
Absolutely not. We have set Your policy to have $0 deductible.
That’s the best part. The average range is $66-130.
Yes! The application will give that as an option (for an additional cost) during the checkout process.
No. This is not something that is covered by any event insurance policy at this time.

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