Mabyn Ludke Photography: AH Creative Team Spotlight

by Christiana Schuchert - Events Manager

Hey friends! Today on the blog we are going to spotlight our friends at Mabyn Ludke Photography. We have loved being able to create the space on this platform for our couples to get to know more about the members of our creative team so keep looking out for these entries and take a visit to the past ones if you’ve missed any so far.

We know there are so many photographers out there and different styles of editing! We also know that choosing a good photographer is essential for capturing the sweet moments of your big day so that you can revisit these photos for years to come and take joy in remembering. So whether you already have a photographer or are in the research process, I think you’ll definitely benefit from reading through Mabyn’s planning advice and photography ideas. At the very least, scroll and peruse these incredible and DREAMY photos Mabyn took and get pumped for your wedding day.


Can you talk about what got you into photography and how Mabyn Ludke Photography was formed?

I wasn’t one of those people who was born with a camera in their hands. It wasn’t until I was in college that it became a hobby. I took a film course and then bought a digital camera for fun. By the time college ended, I was taking headshots for my theatre friends and was hired as a camp photographer at the summer camp I worked at. I was starting to fall in love, so when I graduated I decided to go back to school for a semester. It was over after that. I was so in love with photography that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else. But I had a decision to make, go further into debt & go back to school OR train myself. I chose the cheaper route and decided to open my own business. At this point, I had shot a wedding or two and really enjoyed them. So I went to a local bridal show to “spy” and scope out other businesses and how they had things set up. It wasn’t long before a local company figured me out (I’m a terrible liar!) and offered me a job. I worked as an associate photographer for 3 years before they chose to close down their company. At that point, I could go get a regular job OR start my own company. Here we are 12 years later and I’m head over heels in love with wedding photography!


What is your favorite part about shooting weddings? What other kinds of photography do love?

I love that each wedding is unique. No two are alike because no couple is alike. Getting to see how two people in love interact in their special way is ah-maz-ing! I’m constantly in awe that I get to do this as a profession! Along with photographing couples, I just love photographing people. I focus mainly on weddings & engagements, but I do some family photography and personal brand photography for small businesses.

What do you love about shooting weddings at Alexander Homestead?

AH runs a tight ship! All of the weddings I’ve shot at AH have been seamless and beautiful! But the best part is getting to see the staff each time. My husband and I are always welcome back with open arms.

Are there any favorite spots on the AH property to capture photos?

The garden path is so romantic and I’m a sucker for golden hour in front of the Homestead. I also love to look for spots that I haven’t discovered before and there are SO MANY at AH!


The First look – yay or nay?

I’m for whatever the couple wants. However, if I had a choice, I would be pro first look all the way! There are so many benefits: 1) It helps the flow of the day to get most of your photos out of the way ahead of time, 2) you gain cocktail hour as a buffer just in case things run late or for just for the two of you, 3) and it slows the day down. From the moment you wake up, you’ll have people surrounding you. A first look is secluded to the two of you and your photographers. You get to have that moment all to yourselves AND have it documented forever. A lot of our couples have told us it calmed their anxiety and allowed them to be genuine with their emotions, where they might not have with everyone watching. The only con to a first look is if you’ve dreamed of that moment walking down the aisle being the first time you see each other. If you’ve got your heart set on that moment, then do it! It’s your wedding day!


What should couples look for in a photographer when they are shopping around?

1) Personality: Do you get along with your photographer? They’re going to be the only vendor that’s with you the entire day. You want to be sure you want to have them around.

2) Do their photos make you feel something? Photography should either attract or repel you. When you look at your photographer’s work, it should give you all the feels and help you imagine your own amazing wedding day.

3) To go along with 2, make sure they’ve got a solid body of work. That is to say, don’t be afraid to ask to see more. A professional will have multiple galleries, albums, and blog posts for you to check out.

4) How do they handle different lighting situations? While you’re looking at those galleries & albums, check to see how they photograph during different times of the day. Are they mostly a natural light photographer or do they utilize flash as things get darker? You want to be sure your day is covered well from beginning to end.

Any planning advice you have when it comes to photography and things couples should keep in mind?

Photography is centered around light and what that light looks like. From choosing your getting ready location to choosing your ceremony time and other big events, light is important. It can make our job easy or hard but it can also make things soft or dramatic. Knowing YOUR goals for your wedding photos will help in choosing a photographer who works with light that way. It will also help you determine when and where to have your events. For instance, a church basement will give a very different vibe for getting ready photos than a high-end hotel room. A 12 pm outdoor ceremony will have a completely different feel than a golden hour one.

Something else to consider is how much time you build in for photos. Work with your photographer on your timeline and they’ll ensure you’ve got enough time to get it all done.


What does the process look like for couples to book Mabyn Ludke Photography and what is your process working with couples from booking to the wedding day?

I try to make things as simple and stress-free as possible! You can contact via my website at or at, we’ll set up a short video chat to get to know each other and answer any questions, and the booking process is all done online. Easy peasy!

From there, you’ll be sent several emails with helpful tips and tricks for planning your wedding day, we’ll set up your engagement session to get to know each other further AND allow you to get comfy in front of my camera. 90% of my couples haven’t had professional photos taken since their senior photos. So we have a lot of fun together and create some amazing images. After that you’ll be set until right before your wedding, where we’ll touch base again, go over your timeline and details to make sure we’re all on the same page. Then we get to come to celebrate with you on your wedding day! LET’S GO! Hopefully, by then we’ve built a solid relationship and you’re excited to have myself and my husband (or 2nd shooter) there to capture every beautiful moment for you!

What would you like to share about Mabyn Ludke photo that makes you unique?

I like to think my work is a good blend of artistic, emotional, and adventurous. I aim to capture your relationship and your emotional wedding day through my artistic eye all while being up for anything. If you want to run away to the mountains for your engagement, I’m there. If you want to dance in the rain on your wedding day, let’s do it! This is your story and I want to tell it in the most fun artistic way I can.