Pink Petunias: AH Creative Team Spotlight

by Christiana Schuchert - Events Manager

It’s no secret that florals are traditionally a massive part of the wedding day. From bouquets and boutonnieres to flower petals and centerpiece arrangements, florals can be found everywhere as a great way to decorate the venue and compliment the color patterns chosen by the couple. And as a venue described as “an outdoor garden ceremony space,” how are flowers ever going to clash with that vibe?

One of my favorite parts of arriving early to set up on a wedding day is when I see the Pink Petunias van pull in and the team start bringing in all the flowers. I love seeing the different creations that Pink Petunias can come up with and how they have worked with the couple to customize their floral or greenery dreams into reality. The way they can transform the gazebo is breathtaking and with their floral artistry, it is no wonder that nine out of ten AH couples choose Pink Petunias to be their florist.

The Pink Petunias team also happens to be made up of some pretty incredible humans and it’s been a joy to get to know them well. If Pink Petunias will be providing flowers for your wedding, I guarantee you’ll love working with Jody and her team too. So here’s a little background on our fav CLT based florist and valuable planning advice from Jody to get you started.

Photo Credit: Howard Photo and FIlm

Can you tell us a little about the history of Pink Petunias?

 Our little flower shop began in the 1930’s. Penny Damron’s father, Daniel built the little brick building in Dallas, NC with his own hands. At that time, it was a full-service floral shop servicing weddings, deliveries, holidays, potted plants, funerals and any other occasion you could think of. Back then you grew all your own product. He had tons of flower beds and green houses. Starting each bloom from seed, Daniel carefully planted and cared for every single plant. It wasn’t until the 1980’s with the invention of the 747 aircraft, that people started flying in flowers from places like Ecuador. At that time, the floral business changed drastically. After Penny’s father passed away, Penny started Pink Petunia, named after her nickname for her daughter. Pink Petunia became a wedding and event florist. Soon after that Penny met Greg. Greg owned his own flower business, suppling the east coast with flowers from places all over the world. Greg retired his business and joined Penny at Pink Petunia. I got the honor and privilege of working with them and their team in that same little building her father built for many years.

Amanda & Forrest
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Can you tell us about your background as the new owner of Pink Petunias and what you think makes Pink Petunias unique to other florists?

 Last year (2019) Penny and Greg retired. I have now taken over Pink Petunia with the same team and Greg has even stayed on part time. Penny is very focused on her grand babies. As the owner of Pink Petunia Too, my experience before the flower shop was working in Production. I started as a Production Assistant and found my niche in building props on commercials and movies. I enjoy creating and building art with my bare hands. Leigh, our lead designer, has worked with flowers for 20 years. We are unique from other florists because of our attention to detail, our knowledge and experience that surpasses 50 years, combined, as well as the integrity and love that we put into every single wedding. 


Once a couple books AH as their venue and decides to include members of our creative team to their day they often have questions on the timeline for reaching out to that vendor and planning that specific piece of their day. When do you suggest a couple should reach out to you and how should they prepare for their first meeting?

Brides should definitely reach out as soon as possible to set up a consultation. Alexander Homestead couples will receive an hour consultation with me at no cost as part of their floral package. Prior to the consultation date, a little light homework is required. If you are a very busy woman with not much time, I completely understand. All I will request will be 3-5 pictures saved to your phone of bridal bouquets that absolutely take your breath away. You can find these on our Pink Petunia Instagram, Facebook or Website. You can also find plenty of inspiration on Pinterest, Google and many other platforms for social media. I can actually build an entire wedding from these! If you have a little more time and wish to do a little more research, please feel free to save pictures of table arrangements, boutonnières, gazebos, welcome signs, cocktails tables etc.. Also it is good to have a floral budget in mind.


Photo Credit: Jordan G Photography
Photo Credit: Jordan G Photography
Photo Credit: Jordan G Photography
Wedding | Jordan G Photography | Alexander Homestead
Photo Credit: Jordan G Photography

Can you talk a little more about floral costs, budget, and selecting flowers that are realistic to the season?

With a budget we can customize your flower selections to fit into your price range. For instance, if you found a picture of a bridal bouquet that has peony, however your budget does not cover peonies, I would be able to suggest a garden rose or rose as a substitute. Keep in mind that some flowers are seasonal only, so we may not be able to get the exact flower but again we can substitute something comparable. The most requested flowers seasonally are Peony and Dahlia. Peony are in season locally from late March to early May. Dahlia are in season locally from June to September. Mother Nature can not be directed, so these flowers may come earlier or later, depending on the sun. This is true for many flowers. Generally I can order most anything any time of year, however if it is not in season locally, this would be at an additional cost to you.

KEITHLAKYN bridal bouquet
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IMG_3440 (002)
Photo Credit: Head over Heels Photography
REBECCASTONE_bridal bouquet
Photo credit: Rebecca Stone Photography

Do you provide any other kinds of décor aside from flowers?

 We provide tons of other décor. We have three storage buildings full of props that have been collected along the journey of 20 plus years of business. Metal arches, white columns, brown columns, large, medium and small lanterns, floating candle holders of all sizes and shapes, every size, shape and color of floral vases, floor containers, plant holders for trees or any other large plant, the list goes on and on. If you can dream it up, we can pretty much build it! So let your imagination go wild.

One of my personal favorite things I see at weddings is when the couple chooses to incorporate both PP florals or greenery with your beautiful and different collections of candles!

Example of Standard Centerpiece Pkg (Mabyn Ludke Photo)
MABYNLUDKE_aisle flowers
Shepherds Hooks w/Flowers (Mabyn Ludke Photo)

What do you love about being apart of the AH creative team?

 Being a part of Alexander Homestead’s creative team combines all our talents with all of the talents of their staff as well. You could not be in better hands.

Jody has quickly become a caring and genuine friend to the AH staff. She’s another reminder for me how blessed we are to have such talented and amazing people behind the different local businesses that make up our creative team. Make sure to check out more dreamy floral photos by following Pink Petunias on Instagram @pinkpetuniadesigns or find them on Facebook. Contact Jody at to start planning today!

Customize your Ceremony & Reception:

-bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages

-centerpiece arrangements

-head table & sweetheart table garlands/arrangements

-welcome sign garland

-cocktail table arrangements or ties

-cake flowers

-wreaths & floral rings

-gazebo florals

-widespread inventory of candles and other table deco

-and so much more!