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“Chris and the Alexander Homestead staff really made my day stress free and easy going; I honestly didn’t have to worry about anything. I am so glad I chose Alexander Homestead as my wedding venue, it’s a day I will never forget!”-Lauren


This is a big one, “stress free”. We hear this term constantly coming back to us after the big day has come and gone, and our newlyweds are basking in the aftermath of the wedding they looked forward to for months. This makes all our hearts at AH sing, because making those prewedding months as stress free as possible is our number one mission as a venue. We want to tell you that the most important day of your life can be as it SHOULD be…full of joy and love, fun and celebration.

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Our desire for you, is that the planning of this day marking your forever is one that never feels burdensome or overwhelming. We want to take the anxiety from you. It’s why we have formed such a strong and trustworthy vendor team like I talked about last week when we dove into all-inclusive.  We provide you the opportunity for all-inclusive so that you can keep only the fun experiences of planning your wedding. And our vendor team works together to make sure we are all serving you in the best way we possibly can. I can share story after story about how the couples who have chosen to fully commit to all we have to offer, are the ones we hear back from the most- about the stress they didn’t carry, and how much fun they truly had.

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One of the biggest reasons we can promise you and your family a stress-free planning experience, is that all our couples have complete access to an Event Manager (hey there!) from the moment they hold their date to the big day, AND a wedding coordinator who they connect with as the day draws closer.  Should you decide to add any of our vendors, my role as your Event Manager is to manage that vendor relationship for you, taking care of all the scheduling details, and headache of those pieces, and leaving you with the fun stuff (i.e cake tastings, picking out flowers and centerpieces, selecting music for your dance party, etc!) And whether or not you bring in all your own outside vendors, I’ll still be there for you to answer all your questions, process anything with you, or just be a friend to emotionally support you when things start feeling too much and you just need to talk.

“Throughout the wedding planning process, everyone kept asking me if I was stressed – and the answer was always no! It’s because I was in good hands with the awesome group at Alexander Homestead, as they made sure we had everything we needed and were on track scheduling our vendors, making payments, etc. From day 1 to the big day, the team made me feel at ease, the venue was beautiful, and everything went off without a hitch.” –Amanda

A couple months prior to your wedding, I get to introduce you to your wedding coordinator, giving you yet another person to support you and organize all the finer details of every part of the entire wedding day. You meet with your wedding coordinator 4-6 weeks before the wedding and talk about ALL the things. You’ll create the master plan and tie up all the details of everything that will take place from before you arrive, to ceremony and garden party, and through grand entrance to grand exit.  

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Every time a couple leaves their final meeting, they feel like a weight has lifted because every question gets answered, (even ones you didn’t know you had), every detail gets nailed down, and it’s all clear vision of the day ahead. On the wedding day, your coordinator is there to set up and decorate, and take you and your friends and family throughout the evening so every single person can and relax and enjoy, and celebrate you!

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We work really hard at Alexander Homestead to give you all the opportunities to release your stress over to us. And I want you to know we see you and we are listening. You can trust us and our vendors to do the job well. I promise you, you won’t regret it.


“Everyone who worked there was so kind and helpful throughout the entire process! On our wedding day we didn’t have to stress about a single thing and everything went perfectly. I highly recommend going with Alexander Homestead!!! We had the wedding of our dreams and we have all of the employees at Alexander Homestead to thank for that”  –Jen A.