Searching for wedding venues in Concord NC? You’ve come to the right place! Among all the extraordinary wedding venues in Concord, Alexander Homestead in Charlotte stands out as a favorite destination for weddings. Located just 21 miles away from Concord, Alexander Homestead combines elegance with Southern charm, creating a captivating setting for a memorable celebration of love.

Welcome to Alexander Homestead

The venue’s exquisite architecture, lush surroundings, and impeccable service make it a top choice for couples seeking a dream wedding experience near Concord. With its close proximity and enchanting atmosphere, Alexander Homes in Charlotte, North Carolina, is indeed everyone’s favorite venue for crafting cherished wedding moments.

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Alexander Homestead, the ideal wedding venue in Charlotte, North Carolina, promises to transform your dream wedding into reality with its all-inclusive services, enchanting secret gardens, and a team of event planners with over three decades of experience. Whether envisioning an intimate ceremony or a lively reception filled with dancing and mingling, these exceptional venues in Charlotte are prepared to impress, ensuring your special day is filled with unforgettable memories.

Embark on Your Wedding Planning Journey at Alexander Homestead

At Alexander Homestead, our mission is to curate seamless, all-inclusive experiences. This is achieved through our extensive expertise, strong connections with top-rated vendors, transparent pricing, and a genuine connection with our clients.

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Plan Your Wedding at Alexander Homestead

We’ve created this helpful map so you can visualize your wedding experience at our wedding venue near Concord, NC. Plan a trip to a museum, try a new restaurant, visit our local secret spots, and make your wedding an unforgettable experience.

With a myriad of options when searching for “venues near me,” finding the right fit for YOU can be daunting. The bottom line may be crucial, but deciphering pricing structures among different venues adds another layer of complexity. Drawing from our 30 years of experience and countless interactions with couples, we understand what YOU truly need – authenticity, ease, customization, expertise, and, of course, fun. If the goal is to feel like a guest at your own wedding, then Alexander Homestead is the perfect choice.

Sydney and Josh Wedding Preview

Spanning five acres, our property boasts a stunning garden, modern indoor event space, a pond with a waterfall and stream, and a historic house dating back to 1903. The temperature-controlled barn accommodates seated weddings and events for up to 215 guests. Conveniently located in the city, Alexander Homestead is easily accessible. Couples are drawn not only to the simplicity of planning but also to the plethora of photo opportunities, from the enchanting gazebo to the captivating garden.

Why Choose Alexander Homestead as Your Premier Wedding Venue?

  • Inviting Ambiance: Immerse yourself in a warm and inviting atmosphere that sets the stage for a romantic and memorable wedding experience.
  • Picturesque Outdoor Spaces: Enjoy stunning backdrops for ceremonies and photographs in the venue’s picturesque outdoor spaces and beautiful gardens.
  • Versatile Spaces: Choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that cater to different aspects of the wedding, accommodating ceremonies to receptions.
  • Experienced Staff: Benefit from a team of experienced and dedicated staff with extensive knowledge of wedding planning, ensuring a seamless event.
  • Quality Catering: Indulge in high-quality catering services offering a diverse menu to suit various preferences and dietary needs.
  • Convenient Lodging: Provide convenience for out-of-town guests with nearby lodging options.
  • Event Customization: Enjoy flexibility in event customization, allowing couples to add personal touches to their special day.
  • Contingency Plans: Have peace of mind with clear contingency plans for inclement weather, ensuring a smooth transition for outdoor events.
  • Modern Amenities: Access modern amenities and technology for presentations, music, and other event needs.
  • Positive Feedback: Rely on positive feedback and testimonials from previous couples, indicating a track record of successful weddings.
  • Convenient Location: Benefit from a convenient location with easy access for guests and vendors.
  • Themed Decor Options: Choose themed decor options or adapt to different wedding styles and themes.
  • Exclusive Venue Use: Opt for exclusive use of the event venue on the wedding day, ensuring privacy and an intimate atmosphere.
  • In-House Coordination: Receive in-house wedding coordination services to guide couples through the planning process and on the day of the event.
  • Transparent Pricing: Experience transparent pricing with options that suit different budget ranges.

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What “Full Service” Means

When envisioning your dream wedding, the term ‘all-inclusive’ is frequently used across the wedding industry. However, not all venues authentically capture the essence of comprehensive services. Here at Alexander Homestead, we transcend the commonplace, delivering a truly ‘full-service’ experience. We are dedicated to meticulously attending to every detail of your special day. Let’s explore the true meaning of ‘full service’ at our venue.

Alexander Homestead Venue SpacesAlexander Homestead Venue Spaces

Private, Gated, and Spacious Property

  • Sprawling and secure grounds accommodating up to 215 guests.
  • Ensures ample space for celebration, prioritizing privacy and safety.

Catering Excellence

  • Chef-prepared entrees and salad of your choice.
  • Choose between plated or buffet catering service.
  • Complimentary food-tasting experience for the couple.
wedding couple enjoying a kiss with a bubble send offwedding couple enjoying a kiss with a bubble send-off

Our Wedding Planner and Coordinator Team.

  • Seasoned planning team coordinating vendors and services.
  • Dedicated wedding coordinator for flawless event execution.

Organized and Structured Planning Process

  • Fine-tuned process for a seamless and enjoyable planning experience.
  • Guided assistance at every step to bring your dream wedding to life.

Meet the Dream Team

The Bridal Party on the Lawn with gorgeous string lights
the bridal party on the lawn with gorgeous string lights

Complimentary Garden Party Experience

  • Delightful cocktail hour with appetizers and refreshing lemonade.
  • Hosted amidst our scenic gardens.

Set Up and Clean Up

  • Hassle-free setup and cleanup handled by the venue.
  • No additional charges or complications based on table or chair requirements.

Exclusive Bridal Suite & Grooms Suites

  • Well-appointed bridal suite for comfortable preparation.
  • Amenities and private restrooms are included.

Rehearsal and Photo Sessions

  • One-hour rehearsal for the wedding party.
  • Two-hour on-site photo session capturing pre-wedding moments.

Expert Vendor Recommendations

  • We have an open vendor policy but also have recommended vendors. An open vendor may offer more creativity, allowing for seamless integration and customization.
  • A curated list of recommended vendors for stress-free selection.


  • Ample free parking with attendants.

Personalized Layout and Decor

  • Collaboration for a personalized ceremony and reception layout.
  • Alignment with the couple’s unique vision.

Thoughtful Additions

  • Inclusive coverage of linens, tableware, specialty chairs, and flatware.
  • Attention to detail to enhance the overall celebration.

Unlimited Beverage Choices

  • A diverse selection of beer, wine, and seltzers at the bar. (No shots or liquor)
  • Optimal choices for a delightful guest experience.

Friendly Meal Service

  • Skilled event team ensuring a seamless and efficient meal service.
  • Guaranteeing guests a delightful dining experience.
palm leaves and other gorgeous blooms outside the carriage house
palm leaves and other gorgeous blooms outside the carriage house

Unique Venue Options at AH

Whisk through a myriad of unique wedding venues that cater to varied styles, themes, and magnitudes. Whether you dream of a charming countryside barn wedding, a quaint historic site, a modern banquet hall, or inclusive wedding packages, we have it all covered at Alexander Homestead. Regardless of the size – intimate or grand, we have selected venues that stand out with their signature style and allure. Discover the perfect one that resonates with your dream!

the carriage house and bridge with gorgeous blooms

The Carriage House

Enter your private sanctuary located in our spacious bridal suite/ready room, a brief walk from our historic house and ceremony site. Enhance your experience by opting for an early arrival, providing a serene and stress-free preparation in our luxurious space. Our team is pleased to suggest talented hair and makeup artists, guaranteeing you radiate confidence on your big day. Following the ceremony, indulge in the tastefully adorned reception hall area, fully equipped to fulfill all your requirements.

9 Nates Cabin at alexander homestead

Nate’s Cabin Experience

The epitome of comfort and relaxation at Nate’s Cabin, the premier lounge and ready room at Alexander Homestead. Thoughtfully designed with you and your partner in mind, this expansive and chic cabin offers an ideal retreat to unwind before the momentous occasion. Enjoy the homely atmosphere featuring comfortable seating, light refreshments, games, and ample space for relaxation. Whether you’re getting ready or sharing moments with your closest friends, this space is equipped with everything you need to feel at ease and confident before exchanging your vows.

beautiful ceremony set up with towering trees
beautiful ceremony set up with towering trees

The Ceremony Area

Enveloped by majestic trees and flourishing gardens, our outdoors white gazebo creates a picturesque setting for your wedding ceremony. Declare your vows amidst the embrace of natural beauty, allowing the tranquil atmosphere to set the tone for your special day. Featuring ample seating and a backdrop reminiscent of a fairy tale, our ceremony area provides the perfect location to commence your wedding ceremony and embark on your happily ever after.

wedding north carolina venues weddings farm nc asheville photo hotel nantahala best inn lake farm mountains
wedding couple sharing a kiss in the gardens at Alexander Homestead

The Secret Garden

Step into a hidden oasis and lose yourself in the enchanting Secret Garden, where majestic trees and vibrant blooms create a natural cathedral around you. After the ceremony, treat your guests to a Garden Party, where they can enjoy appetizers and spritzers while basking in the beauty of our garden paradise. With numerous photo-worthy spots, the Secret Garden transforms into an ideal event venue for wedding receptions, ensuring you and your guests carry away cherished memories that endure a lifetime.

the reception area lit up under the night skythe reception area lit up under the night sky

Indoor/Outdoor Wedding Reception

Immerse yourself in the enchantment of our barn wedding venue’s indoor spaces, providing an ideal canvas for your special day. Whether you envision rustic chic or modern elegance, customize your dream wedding with your preferred decor. As the sun sets and our team opens the barn doors, experience the captivating blend of indoor and outdoor ambiance. Socialize beneath the romantic glow of twinkling bistro lights, gather around the fire pit for a cozy atmosphere, and dance the night away with your loved ones. Your wedding reception at our barn wedding venue is truly unique, ensuring a night etched in memory forever. Plus, indulge your guests in our stunning cocktail bar, where they can savor delicious drinks and raise a toast to your love and happiness.

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inside the reception area with gorgeous gold chargers, white chairs and white linens

Unmatched Service

Professional and Affordable Vendors to Cater to Your Needs

Each wedding venue is complemented by a selection of highly professional and affordable vendors ready to make your day extra special. From superb catering to stunning event rentals, and flawless photography to personalized engraving – we offer a comprehensive list of vendor events. They are committed to offering you top-notch service, ensuring your wedding planning is stress-free and enjoyable every step of the way. Plus, here are some testimonials from happy couples who have experienced unforgettable vendor events at our venues.

bridesmaids partying at the reception with coronabridesmaids partying at the reception with corona

Premium Services to Make Your Day Memorable

Dedicated Wedding Planning and Coordination Team

  • Our seasoned planning team is committed to overseeing every aspect of your big day.
  • They ensure smooth coordination and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Guided Venue Tours

  • Explore our venue with our guided tours to help you envision your wedding day.
  • Gain insights into the available spaces and choose the perfect setting for your celebration.

Menu Finalization

  • Work closely with our culinary experts to finalize the menu for your event.
  • Tailor the offerings to your preferences and ensure a delightful dining experience for your guests.

Event Layout Assistance

  • Receive assistance in planning the ideal layout for your ceremony and reception.
  • Optimize the use of our spaces to create the perfect atmosphere for your celebration.

Cake Cutting Ceremony Support

  • Let us handle the details of the cake cutting ceremony.
  • Ensure this sweet tradition is executed seamlessly as part of your wedding festivities.

Comprehensive Support from Start to Finish

  • From the initial stages of planning to the concluding moments of your event, we’re here to take care of you.
  • Our goal is to provide comprehensive support, ensuring your wedding day unfolds flawlessly.

Past Alexander Homestead Weddings

partying at the reception at alexander homestead

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Wedding Venue

Choosing the right wedding venue is a crucial decision that significantly impacts the overall atmosphere and success of your special day. Consider the following factors to guide you in selecting the perfect wedding venue:

  • Opt for a location that is convenient for both you and your guests.
  • Consider the accessibility, proximity to accommodations, and any travel restrictions.
  • Evaluate the venue’s capacity to ensure it can comfortably accommodate your guest list.
  • Assess the layout of the space to see if it aligns with your vision for the ceremony and reception.
  • Choose an event venue with an aesthetic that complements your wedding theme and personal style.
  • Consider the architecture, interior design, and overall ambiance of the space.
  • Establish a clear budget and inquire about all potential costs associated with the venue.
  • Be mindful of any additional fees and charges beyond the initial booking cost.
  • Assess the services and amenities offered by the venue, such as catering, event coordination, and on-site facilities.
  • Ensure that the venue can provide or accommodate your specific needs and preferences.
  • For outdoor venues, consider the weather conditions during the time of your wedding.
  • Check if the venue has contingency plans in case of inclement weather.
  • Look for an event venue that is flexible and open to customization.
  • Check if they allow external vendors, decorations, and personal touches.
  • Confirm the availability of the venue on your desired wedding date.
  • Consider booking well in advance, especially for popular wedding dates.
  • Ensure that the venue offers sufficient parking or has easy access to transportation options.
  • Consider the convenience for your guests, especially if the venue is in a city or remote location.
  • Research reviews from previous couples who have used the venue.
  • Seek references and testimonials to gain insights into the venue’s reputation and reliability.
  • Inquire about any legal requirements or permits necessary for hosting a wedding at the venue.
  • Ensure compliance with local regulations and obtain the necessary approvals.
  • If the venue provides catering, sample the menu to ensure it meets your expectations.
  • Verify if they can accommodate special dietary needs and preferences.
gorgeous view of the reception area and gardens
gorgeous view of the reception area and gardens

Location – Where Love Meets Elegance

Each of our chosen venues not only boasts an exceptional ambiance but also a prime location. Whether nestled in the heart of the city, perched atop a hill with panoramic views, or tucked away in the scenic countryside – every event venue offers a fantastic backdrop for your wedding photos. Additionally, they are conveniently located near hotels for guest accommodation and are easily accessible from major transportation hubs. Celebrate your love where elegance meets location.

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lit up receptiong with gorgeous bistro string lights

Make Your Guests Comfortable

Creating an exceptional wedding experience involves prioritizing the comfort of your guests throughout the entire celebration. Since these individuals will be by your side as you embark on this new chapter, it’s essential to guide them seamlessly. Here’s a comprehensive guide to assist your guests in their travel arrangements and accommodations for your Charlotte wedding:

Getting to Charlotte: Charlotte is effortlessly accessible by air, train, and car, ensuring convenience for guests traveling from various parts of the country or the world. Once in town, the city’s public transit system provides multiple options, including bus services and the LYNX light rail. Guests can also opt for bicycle rentals or utilize ride-sharing services for local transportation. Additionally, Charlotte is home to several renowned museums that showcase its rich history, such as the Charlotte Museum of History.

Accommodations: From luxurious hotels like the Sheraton Charlotte Hotel, Le Meridien Charlotte charming bed-and-breakfasts, and budget-friendly motels to resorts, vacation homes, and guest houses, Charlotte offers a diverse range of accommodation options to suit every budget and preference. Booking platforms like or Airbnb provide a plethora of choices, allowing your guests to easily secure their stay.

Exploring the City: While your wedding venue is a focal point, Hilton Charlotte City Center, has much more to offer. Encourage your guests to delve into the city’s attractions, including museums, brewery tours, the US National White Water Center, and historical exhibits. Inviting them to explore beyond the wedding festivities not only enhances the value of their travel but also provides entertainment throughout their stay.

By providing this guide, you contribute to a seamless and enjoyable experience for your guests, ensuring that they not only celebrate your wedding day but also make the most of their time in Charlotte.

outdoor reception with welcome sign

Raving Reviews for Alexander Homestead

Reviewed on 11/11/2023 by Cami T.

We held our son’s wedding at Alexander Homestead. We have had weddings in the family before, but this one was truly an incredible experience! Not only is the venue breathtaking, but it also offers the flexibility to be a comprehensive one-stop experience tailored to your preferences, all at a comparable or even lower cost than if you were to arrange everything separately. The grounds and facilities are so breathtaking that you don’t need to expend resources in making the banquet room presentable. Having a bridal session before the wedding is an additional advantage that they offer. The pictures and social media posts were stunning. Our planner effectively managed every detail, ensuring a smooth and stress-free experience. The food was incredible, and it was quite impressive to see the barn doors open and close for the buffet. If the misting rain had continued, it would not have been a problem. I simply cannot express my enthusiasm adequately! Literally, every guest commented on the venue and the staff! I cannot stress enough how much I recommend this gem!

Our dream wedding was brought to life by Alexander Homestead, as reviewed by Alexia M on 10/25/2023. If you are searching for a venue that provides all-inclusive services and takes care of the logistical aspects, Alexander Homestead is the ideal choice. The venue takes care of everything from the napkins, tables, and decor to the food and ceremony. The best perk of working with Alexander Homestead is having your own wedding coordinator/event manager who handles everything for you leading up to the wedding and the day of the wedding. Our event manager was Carolann and she was fantastic! She was a pleasure to work with and made sure that our wedding went off without a hitch! We are truly grateful for the work she put into making our wedding day so special.

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rachel and steven sharing a kiss at their ceremonyrachel and steven sharing a kiss at their ceremony

FAQ: All Your Queries Answered

What Is the Guest Capacity of the Venues?

At Alexander Homestead, we take pride in offering a venue that caters to a diverse range of wedding sizes and styles. With its sprawling grounds, charming indoor spaces, and picturesque outdoor settings, our venue is equipped to accommodate events of various scales. The guest capacity at Alexander Homestead is specifically designed to welcome up to 250 individuals. This generous capacity ensures that whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or a larger celebration, our venue can comfortably host your wedding, providing ample space for your guests to enjoy and celebrate your special day. With a commitment to flexibility and versatility, Alexander Homestead aims to create an inclusive and accommodating environment for weddings of all sizes.

wedding venues near me: alexander homestead

What Are the Different Styles of Wedding Venues in Charlotte?

Discover the Perfect Venue Near Concord

North Carolina’s Concord region is a treasure trove of beautiful and unique wedding venues, including hotels in Concord. From rustic barns and farms to lavish country clubs, historic venues to elegant banquet halls – there is a perfect spot for every couple.

  1. Ballroom: Characterized by elegance and sophistication, ballrooms offer dedicated indoor spaces perfect for formal events and large gatherings. They typically feature a dance floor and ample seating for guests.
  2. Barn Venues: The rustic charm of a barn setting combines with versatility, providing a relaxed and inviting atmosphere. Ideal for couples seeking a country or vintage-themed event.
  3. Beach Venues: Serene and picturesque, beach venues offer an ideal setting for wedding ceremonies and relaxed celebrations. They provide a natural backdrop with the soothing sounds of waves and coastal beauty.
  4. Waterfront: Similar to beach venues but not limited to sandy shores, waterfront locations showcase scenic views of lakes, rivers, or ponds. They offer a tranquil and visually appealing setting, and some even feature stunning urban skyline views.
  5. Estate: Featuring expansive grounds and often a historic mansion, estate venues exude grandeur and sophistication. Perfect for those desiring a luxurious and private atmosphere.
  6. Garden: Characterized by lush greenery, blooming flowers, and manicured landscapes, garden venues create a romantic and natural ambiance. Perfect for outdoor ceremonies and receptions.
  7. Historic Venue Space: These venues boast rich historical significance, often featuring unique architectural details and a sense of timeless charm. Ideal for couples who appreciate the beauty of the past.
  8. Tented: Tented venues are outdoor spaces where a tent is erected to provide shelter. They offer a versatile option, allowing for an open-air experience with the added flexibility of protection from the elements.

P.S. You might try a search on The Knot or WeddingWire: WeddingWire – they have very specific venue styles you can search for.

monique and ted kissing on the bridge
monique and ted kissing on the bridge

How Much Does a Charlotte Wedding Venue Cost?

Contact us at Alexander Homestead to inquire about our pricing and discover how we can tailor our offerings to suit your needs. Additionally, our brochure contains all the essential details you need to make informed decisions about planning your special event with us.

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lauren and fabian having a special momentlauren and fabian having a special moment

When Is the Best Time to Plan a Wedding in Charlotte NC?

Charlotte, located in the Carolina country, has generally mild and enjoyable weather throughout the year, making it an excellent location for weddings at any time. However, specific times in the Carolina country are more favored due to the pleasant climate and beautiful scenery they offer.

Time of Year


Popular Wedding Season


Spring (March to May)

Mild temperatures, blooming flowers

High demand for venues, pleasant outdoor conditions

Book early for prime dates

Summer (June to August)

Warm to hot temperatures

Peak wedding season, outdoor ceremonies popular

Consider heat for outdoor events, book well in advance

Fall (September to November)

Mild temperatures, vibrant foliage

High demand for venues, popular for outdoor weddings

Book early for both venues and vendors

Winter (December to February)

Cool temperatures, potential for occasional cold snaps

Lower demand for venues, potential cost savings

Consider indoor venues

How Far Is Charlotte from Concord?

Charlotte and Concord are neighboring cities located in North Carolina, USA. The distance between Charlotte and Concord is approximately 21 miles. The driving distance can vary depending on the specific locations within each city, but it generally takes around 25-30 minutes to travel between the two via car. The Concord city club is a popular destination for residents and visitors alike, offering various amenities and recreational activities.

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